Andover New Council Homes Project

The project comprises 43 housing units across 5 sites (3 new build blocks and 2 blocks which are refurbishments of undercroft spaces under existing and occupied properties); and soft and hard landscaping.

The work started on site in November 2020, with completion early 2022. The five sites being developed are;

B (New Build) – Corner of Roth Walk and Sondenbury Road– 70 weeks
B2 (Garage conversion to residential) – Corker Walk – 54 weeks
C (New Build) Corner of Roth Walk and Durham Road – 76 weeks
C2 (Garage conversion to affordable workspaces) – Corner of Roth Walk and Durham Road – 32 weeks
J (New Build) – Old Sue Davies Football Pitch near Old Andover – 80 weeks
Landscape 40 weeks

The project is being led by the London Borough of Islington who have employed Osbornes to carry out the works. In turn, Osbornes have employed NewmanFrancis to provide the RLO service.

About our service

NewmanFrancis are providing the Resident Liaison Officer service for the new Council homes project. Our role is to be the first point of contact for residents and we will be ensuring that residents are supported and well informed about the works that are taking place.

During the contract period, we will be available to meet with individual residents, to answer email and telephone enquiries about the project.

For more information or to speak with us, please contact Shariff Juneja on 07564 563508 or call 0800 644 6040 (freephone) or email


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this section, you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions about this project. If you don’t find an answer here, then please contact NewmanFrancis. We will update the FAQs on a periodic basis.


What works are being carried out?

The construction of 36 new build homes and landscape works.


How long will the works take?

The construction work started in December 2020 and are due to be completed by the summer of 2022


Which organisations are involved?

  • London Borough of Islington – Landlord
  • Osborne Ltd – Principal Contractor
  • Newman Francis Ltd – Resident Liaison Service


What are the working hours on site?

Osborne work hours on site are from Monday – Friday (0800 – 1800), Saturdays (0800 – 1300)


How will the works affect me?

The new build homes will be developed on 3 sites across the estate, all residents to some degree will be impacted by the works.

Roth Walk / Carew Close / Animal Hospital

-Residents in blocks 31-38 and 39-54 would be most impacted as residents here will be ‘sandwiched’     between the two new builds. Sites B and C.

The existing ramp leading down to animal hospital to be demolished  and a new ramp  installed(Site B).

-2 garages in Carew Close will be taken out of use  as part of the new construction. (Site C).

The Bin store in Care Close will be closed temporarily

The pedestrian gate from Durham  Road will be closed off to allow for demolition works to the above walkway


-A new Temporary ramp / stairs will be located to centre of block 55-66


Why are you closing the pedestrian gate from Durham Road?

Osborne need to remove the existing walkway in preparation for the new build construction – as the new build block of flats will be fixed onto the existing building the gate will be closed off and a new gate will be installed near completion of the works. Letters and signs will be sent out to residents who would be affected by this.


How do I receive any deliveries if you are closing the pedestrian gate at Durham Road

We appreciate the closing off this gate will cause an inconvenience to residents and will endeavour to install the new gate as soon as possible. For this duration residents would need to access either one of the two gates located near the animal hospital. Directions / signs will be posted to all delivery personnel.


Why are you suspending parking on Durham Road?

Parking will be suspended for the duration of the works to allow for incoming deliveries and goods; Osborne will be working with LBI to provide residents who are affected by this with necessary permits. Once works are complete, parking on Durham Road will return as normal.


Why are you closing the ramp leading down to the animal hospital?

As part of the planned works, a new build block of flats (11no flats) will be built up and fixed onto the existing block. n order to facilitate this the existing ramp would need to be demolished. A temporary ramp will be provided. Notices and letters will be distributed to residents advising this. The new permanent ramp is currently in the design stages and will be fitted at a later stage of the works.


Why have you blocked / closed off either sides of the walkway at 55-66 Roth Walk on Durham Road

As part of the pedestrian gate closure from ground floor, the walkway / stairs above this gate will need to be removed in order to facilitate construction of the new build block. A temporary stair way will be installed to the middle of the walkway leading onto Durham Road.


Why has the hoarding taken up so much space?

As part of the site set up, Osborne needs to ensure they have enough space to safely set up the site and at the same time ensure residents on the estate are safe from danger. Whilst we appreciate this has impacted the space on the estate, this is only temporary and the hoarding will be light during nightfall.


Why have you taken some of the garage space to Block 31-38, 39-54 Roth Walk / Carew Close?

This is in order to facilitate the construction of the new build block of flats


Why are contractors and delivery trucks using / passing our property / using our roads solely?

All local roads would have been assessed for the most effective and direct route for large vehicles to navigate and turn into according to vehicle types, dimensions and restrictions, which would have been authorised by London Borough of Islington. For delivery of any over-sized plant machinery, NF will notify residents.


What do I do if I see any of the contractors/delivery trucks driving or parking illegally?

At any one time there will be more than one contractor who may be working on the estate, however if you are sure that the individual is part of this project we recommend you call your Resident Liaison Officer. Osborne have a “zero” tolerance policy and have introduced a 5 MPH speed zone on site. All incoming vehicles are recorded and should any of the drivers break the rules set-out, these individuals will be penalised and will not be allowed to re-enter site.


What are you doing to ensure that noise on the sites will be kept down to a minimum?

Wherever possible, the contractor will ensure that noises are kept down to a minimum. This would include methods of carrying out the works. Along with introducing the site 5MPH traffic, Osborne have also installed vibration monitors through the site to ensure that noise and vibration levels are conforming to levels set-out by LBI.


Where can I find specific information about the project?

Newman Francis will endeavour to keep all resident to respective areas / sites updated on the works via letter and newsletter. Residents also have the option to subscribe to our webpage where they would be notified with the latest updates.


How am I supposed to work from home with all this noise?

We appreciate we are facing some challenges due to Covid-19, where many of us are working from home and might be impacted by noise from the construction work. Whilst Osborne will do their utmost to ensure noise levels are kept down to a minimum, some noise is unavoidable.

Get in touch

For more information or to speak with us, please contact us on 0800 644 6040 (freephone) or email