Camden Independent Leaseholder Advice Service (ILAS)


About the project

The Camden Independent Leaseholder Advice Service (ILAS) supports residents from three blocks of homes on the Regents Park Estate.  The entire estate consists of nearly 2000 homes across 49 buildings and lies on either side of Robert Street, between Albany Street and Hampstead Road.

NewmanFrancis has been working since March 2024 to support residents from Langdale, Cartmel and Coniston.  These three blocks are located on the northwestern edge of the estate next to the railway line as part of the construction of the new London-Birmingham high-speed rail line (known as HS2) and an expanded Euston Station.  Coniston was built in 1953, with Cartmel and Langdale dating from 1964.  Due to ongoing residents’ concerns about the impact of the adjacent HS2 works, the London Borough of Camden agreed with HS2 LTD in January 2023 (following Cabinet approval), the voluntary rehousing programme for secure tenants and the acquisition of leasehold properties in Cartmel, Langdale and Coniston

The three blocks are adjacent to the HS2 site and over the last few years, life for residents has become increasingly unbearable and the noise and vibrations from the works have led to significant disruption to residents’ lives.  Life was even more difficult for the community during Covid-19.  Although HS2 implemented a remediation programme of noise insulation, solar blinds and mechanical ventilation these measures have not provided adequate mitigation for the noise and disturbance caused by the construction works.

Camden Council manages the housing stock and is currently rehousing the secure tenants and leaseholders on a voluntary basis.  Compensation and rehousing packages are in place for both tenures.  The Council is offering the support and compensation that is available to Council tenants and leaseholders on the same basis as if it were a statutory compensation process, (as set out in the Land Compensation Act 1961, Land Compensation Act 1973 and the Home Loss Payments (Prescribed) (England) regulations 2022).

The rehousing programme has resulted in a significant number of void properties.  These are currently being leased to Bow Arts Trust (Bow Arts: Artist Studios London | Art Education, Exhibitions, Events) to provide affordable studio space for young artists.

Although some residents support the voluntary rehousing proposals others are understandably concerned, requiring further clarification about some aspects of the proposals.  Some residents are also vulnerable and have health conditions and would prefer not to have to endure the stresses and strains of having to move home.

For more information about the January 2022 Cabinet Report, please click hereDecision – Settlement and Indemnity Agreement with HS2 Ltd. for mitigating impacts of HS2 works on Cartmel, Coniston and Langdale (SC/2023/08) – Camden Council

Our role

NewmanFrancis’ role as the independent community engagement company, is to support leaseholders from Langdale, Cartmel and Coniston to ensure they are involved, informed and where possible, are able to influence the voluntary buy back proposals. Our service provides impartial advice and advocacy support to make sure that leaseholders understand their rights and options and that views and concerns are represented to the Council.

For more information, please call us on 0800 644 6040 (freephone) or email us at:

Leaseholder Interviews

As part of our work, over the coming weeks we are carrying out short interviews by speaking with leaseholders to find out thoughts and any concerns about the buy back and rehousing proposals, how the Council communicates with the community, and the support residents need to make informed choices about their future housing options.  We are also looking to set up a leaseholder group to meet with the Council on a regular basis and represent the interests of affected leaseholders.

The site office, THE HUB, 30B Cartmel NW1 3SA is now open every week and is staffed by a dedicated Council team of rehousing and leasehold officers:

  • Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9am – 5pm
  • Open until 8pm on the last Wednesday of every month

The Independent Leaseholders Advice Service holds a weekly drop-in at the Cartmel HUB:

  • Every Wednesday 2pm – 6pm

If you would like to make an appointment for a time convenient for you or would like to pre-book a home visit, please call us on: 07710 669040 or freephone 0800 644 6040You can email us at:



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Phone: 0800 644 6040 (freephone)

Mobile: 07710 669040