Leighton and Albion estates

The Leighton and Albion estates are in central Croydon, CR2 9DY. The proposed site is the land separating no 1-12 and 47 -69. Click here to see an outline of the proposed site area.

The proposed build is a new block of 12-16 homes.

We held an event on Monday 27th June to give you an opportunity to give your views and find out more about the proposed development on this site. If you were not able to attend, you can see the architect’s proposed plans that were shown at the event and the general feedback and suggestions from the consultation below.

Once you have had the opportunity to look over the proposed designs, you are welcome to leave any comments or questions you may have in our webform below.

Architect's proposed plans

PLEASE NOTE: This document is only the proposed plans and are not final

Public Consultation Boards

Consultation Feedback

Key Points Raised

  • 6 unsupportive, 2 undecided (concerns of overcrowding) of the proposals
  • All residents expressed that concerns of overcrowding, and that the space was too small for the development
  • Site itself is not very well used (due to ASB at night), used fairly often in the day time for young kids
  • Site was better used for small children before ASB
  • Car parking not very well used (as Sumner Gardens has no access, only Leighton)
  • Loitering and drinking in the park and site area at night time is a big problem
  • Specific residents from Leighton gardens keep forcing the Sumner front and back entrances (assumed to be because they want to get through to other road, drug dealing)
  • Talk of a petition beginning against the proposals

Key Concerns Raised

  • Concerns over what type of person would move in, as there is already a severe problem of ASB on the estate (drug dealers targeting young teenage boys)
  • Concerns about feeling too hemmed in and that the space is too small
  • Loss of light
  • ASB may get worse
  • Already a big problem in Sumner Gardens of waste disposal and parking (as nearby flats use Sumner residents’ amenities)
  • Concern that if the fence is taken down (between site and park) then the ASB will spill into park where the kids hang out
  • ASB in parking areas


  • Use the amenity space for small children’s play (eg swing set) and flowers. As the park has play areas for older children
  • Different ways to open up the site and park area, without ‘inviting’ ASB to spill into park (perhaps a gate, lower fence, row of bushes) (NB there is already an entrance to park near Sumner Gardens, the fence ends early)
  • Appeased by the thought of residents being home buyers under the shared ownership scheme
  • Increased security around bin areas (drug dealing and fly tipping) – put in real CCTV
  • Change design so that problem people aren’t forcing Sumner Gardens entrance to get through to other street
  • There is a blocked off bit of garden space next to Sumner Gardens – this could be brought back to life (closed due to ASB
Comments or questions

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Do you have any comments?
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If you are not able to attend or you would like more information, please call us on 020 8536 1436/ 0800 644 6040 (freephone) or contact us by email croydon@newmanfrancis.org.

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