Homefield Road – Homefield House

Homefield Road – Homefield House, 57 Homefield Rd, Coulsdon, Surrey, CR5 1ET. The proposed site is the site occupied by Homefield House.  Click here to see an outline of the proposed site area.

Further to the community engagement event that was held on Tuesday 5th July 2016, there was a follow up engagement event held on Wednesday 14th September at the Oasis Academy Coulsdon.

This was an opportunity for residents and stakeholders to provide their feedback and find out more about the proposed development on this site. If you were not able to attend the engagement events, you can view the architect’s proposed plans that were shown at the event and the general feedback and suggestions from the consultation below.

Once you have had the opportunity to look over the proposed designs, you are welcome to leave any comments or questions you may have in our webform below.

You can also answer the listed questions (see below) and email your response to them to us at croydon@newmanfrancis.org or respond to them via our web form if you wish to provide feedback in relation to the updated consultation boards by the architects.

  • Do you agree that 21 houses rather than 31 flats are appropriate for this site?
  • Do you think that two and three storey houses are appropriate?
  • Do you like the idea of a new mews in this location?
  • What do you think of the existing trees on the site? The proposals seek to retain all healthy trees, however we are interested to hear if there are particular trees that are liked or disliked.
  • Do you think the proposals show enough parking (at 1 space per new home).
  • Do you think the pitch roof design on the houses is appropriate?
  • Do you think the choice of a light coloured brick for the houses is suitable?


Architect's proposed plans

PLEASE NOTE: This document is only the proposed plans and are not final

NOTE: The Updated Public Consultation Boards are listed as “Public Consultation Boards – 14 September 2016”

Public Consultation Boards – 14 September 2016

Public Consultation Boards – 5 July 2016

Consultation Feedback

Feedback from Community Engagement Event – 14/09/2016


Key Points Raised

  • Everyone generally welcomed the idea of building on the site as it has been vacant for over 9 years
  • Most people were supportive about the proposal, with some residents still undecided
  • Following the feedback from the initial community engagement event, residents were supportive of the reduction from 31 homes to 21 homes in the updated proposals
  • Residents felt the reduction from 4 storeys to 3 storeys was more suitable
  • Many residents felt that it was essential to keep the greenery, in particular the trees.
  • Plenty of parking would be needed and traffic flow would need to be planned well
  • A few residents raised concerns about the number of dwellings that would be built on the site.

Key Concerns Raised

  • Current problems: fly tipping, drug dealing & squatters
  • Increase of traffic – school traffic currently causing problems
  • Schools are oversubscribed already
  • Residents felt that the proposals did not show enough parking for the proposed development, considering the current issues surrounding parking & traffic in the locaility


  • Underground parking
  • A number of residents felt that the dwellings need to be houses/flats that are suitable for older people.
  • More play areas would be needed
Comments or questions

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