Drovers’ Road

Drovers’ Road is in south Croydon, CR2 6PR. The proposed site is land to the rear of 25-39 Drovers Road. Click here to see an outline of the proposed site are.

The proposed new homes is one building of 11 units.

We held an event on Tuesday 28th June and came door knocking on Wednesday 27th July to give you an opportunity to give your views and find out more about the proposed development on this site. We also held a Drop-in event on Monday 22nd August.

If you were not able to attend, you can see the architect’s proposed plans and give your views in the sections below. Feedback from residents will be used to inform the proposed development.

Please note: If this proposal goes forward it will require planning consent from the Council’s Planning Department. The Council will publicise planning applications by displaying Site Notices on street furniture (on lamp posts) on roads close to the proposed site. The notice will provide information on how you can submit further comments on the proposed development (see link to the Council’s Planning Department for more information https://www.croydon.gov.uk/sites/default/files/articles/downloads/howtocommentnote42012.pdf).

Architect's proposed plans

PLEASE NOTE: This document is only the proposed plans and are not final

Public Consultation Boards

Consultation Feedback

Key Points Raised

  • Most residents recognized the need to build more homes in Croydon.
  • One residents asked why the council didn’t exploring the conversion of empty office blocks into residential accommodation.
  • Residents liked the design, particularly the reference to the existing blocks, the series of diagonal cross formations to maximize light and minimize overlooking and the checkerboard design.
  • The ideas for improving the landscaping was universally supported.  Residents would welcome trees.
  • Residents said that they had seen surveyors on site and thought that the decision to go ahead had been made and that their views wouldn’t count.  It was explained that many surveys needed to be carried out to assess the viability of the scheme.  Residents were now being invited for their feedback to help shape the proposals further.  Residents would also get the chance to engage in formal consultation when the scheme goes to planning.
  • Residents asked about the proposed tenure.  The architects said that this had not been finally agreed but at the moment they are earmarked for private sale.  They explained that Brick by Brick were building 50% affordable and 50% for sale across the borough.
  • In response to a question about timescales, residents were advised that the architects were hoping to go to planning in the Autumn, with work starting on site in 2017.  From the start of the works it would take about a year to completion.
  • One resident was adamant that Drovers Road should not be a through road. The architects didn’t know of any plans to do this.
  • One resident was worried about fumes from the new buildings
  • There was a general feeling that the number of developments in the surrounding area are all adding up and placing a strain on the services in Croydon
  • One resident stated that it is unlikely that the conservative club is going to develop the piece of land to the South of the proposal, currently used as parking space.

Key Concerns Raised

  • Parking  was a major concern for most residents.
  • Residents paid for parking space (one council tenant said that the parking space was part of her tenancy agreement) and felt that there was already a lot of pressure on existing parking provision especially with new developments being built nearby.
  • Residents thought that displacing the current parking provision would exacerbate this.
  • The architects pointed out that the area is rated PTAL 5 with good transport links, and for that reason the scheme could be car free.  Despite this, some residents’ experience of public transport links into London was poor.  Others felt it was not a problem.
  • Residents from Upland Road were concerned that the new flats would overlook their properties.  The residents highlighted the fact that the  proposed flats are 3 storeys with a shallow pitched roof, meaning that windows would be higher than they are in the existing blocks.  It was felt that the loss of privacy would devalue the homes.
  • One resident asked whether the architects had considered building below ground.  The architects responded that they have been advised that the area was at risk of floods this would be expensive.
  • There was concern that the proposed development would make the estate feel overcrowded.
  • Residents were concerned about sunlight to the existing blocks particularly in the winter.  The architects advised that daylight surveys will be done.
  • There was concern about the proximity of the end properties of the blocks to the proposed flat
  • There was concern about where the children would be able to play, since although the residents do not feel it is particularly safe, they currently play on the site of the proposed development.  The architect said that the area in front of the proposal would be landscaped and possibly pedestrianized as well as conforming to “Secure by Design” guidelines to remedy this.
  • Residents generally felt that the existing bin storage was an issue, as was fly tipping on the green area opposite the Drovers Road cottages.  They would generally welcome a design solution that was discrete (with no one having to overlook bins), and made it easier for the refuse trucks to collect.  One resident suggested considering a rubbish compaction or incinerator scheme.


  • One suggestion was to install a tree line between the proposed development and Upland Road.  However, it was pointed out the the space between the boundary of the site and the Conservative Club garden was probably too narrow and Brick by Brick has no jurisdiction over sites owned by others.
  • Improvement to the streetscape to the northern edge of the site was recommenced as this area is currently unsightly.
  • The fly tipping requires a management solution, as currently residents are told to leave bulk items on the green for collection.
Comments or questions

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Do you have any comments?
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If you are not able to attend or you would like more information, please call us on 020 8536 1436/ 0800 644 6040 (freephone) or contact us by email croydon@newmanfrancis.org.


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