Coldharbour Road

Coldharbour Road is in central Croydon, CR0 4DY. The proposed site is the garages to the right of 126-130 Coldharbour Road. Click here to see an outline of the site area.

The proposed buildings are approximately 10 residential units, a mixture of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom properties.

We held an event on Wednesday 22nd June to give you an opportunity to give your views and find out more about the proposed development on this site. If you were not able to attend, you can see the architect’s proposed plans that were shown at the event and the general feedback and suggestions from the consultation below.

Once you have had the opportunity to look over the proposed designs, you are welcome to leave any comments or questions you may have in our webform below.

Architect's proposed plans

PLEASE NOTE: This document is only the proposed plans and are not final

Public Consultation Boards

Consultation Feedback

Key Points Raised

  • 4 unsupportive, 1 undecided, 1 didn’t answer of the proposal in the survey.
  • No-one surveyed uses the garage site
  • Flytipping and security current issues on site
  • Garage site has been used to play football
  • Cllr Pelling felt the number of units is too ambitious
  • A resident on Coldharbour Road (east side of entrance to access road) is interested in selling property, which can aid with the widening of the road.

Key Concerns Raised

  • Concern for height of buildings, noise disturbance, overlooking and blocking of sunlight.
  • Existing parking stress is severe on Coldharbour Road already.


  • One resident felt this to be a potentially good area for development, especially to enhance security.
  • Residents in favour of private development
  • Residents do not believe developments without car parking space can sell.
  • Initial concern about overlooking, but when explained that no windows are proposed to the external walls facing back gardens, residents were generally ok.
  • A resident on Purley Road will not allow construction work to their garden wall.
  • Another resident on Purley Road was ok with work to their garden wall, but they do not want a timber fence due to security concerns.
Comments or questions

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If you are not able to attend or you would like more information, please call us on 020 8536 1436/ 0800 644 6040 (freephone) or contact us by email