Auckland Rise and Sylvan Hill Estate

Auckland Rise and Sylvan Hill Estate are in north Croydon, SE19 2DX and SE19 3DX. At the moment there is no exact proposed site for building, because Brick by Brick will be undertaking a wider study to identify areas within the estates where new homes could be built. This will not involve pulling down any existing properties.

We held an event on Wednesday 29th June and Wednesday 17th August to give you an opportunity to give your views and find out more about the proposed development on this site. If you were not able to attend, you can see the architect’s proposed plans that were shown at the event and the general feedback and suggestions from the consultation below.

Once you have had the opportunity to look over the proposed designs, you are welcome to leave any comments or questions you may have in our webform below.

Following the above events, feedback from residents will be used to inform the proposed development. The proposal will be available on our website and you will have a further opportunity to comment on the final plans.

If this proposal goes forward it will require Brick by Brick to submit a formal planning application requesting planning consent from the Council’s Planning Department. The Council will publicise planning applications by displaying Site Notices on street furniture (on lamp posts) on roads close to the proposed site. The notice will provide information on how you can submit further comments on the proposed development (see link to the Council’s Planning Department for more information )

Architect's proposed plans

PLEASE NOTE: This document is only the proposed plans and are not final

17 August 2016 – Public Consultation Boards

29 June 2016 – Public Consultation Boards

Consultation Feedback

Community Engagement Event – 29th June


Key Points Raised

From responses in the survey:

  • 9% are supportive of the proposal
  • 73% are unsupportive
  • 18% are undecided
  • 77% say they use car parks on the site.
  • 9% of those surveyed use the garages on site.
  • Current bin facility not coping
  • Vandalism in communal areas
  • Drugs can be smoked in hallways as no security on entrance doors.
  • The green open space is used by the community in the summer and for children’s parties. It is recognised as the key feature of estate and why people like living here.
  • Flytipping by people who do not live on the estate is a problem.

Key Concerns Raised

  • Existing open green areas are a nice feature of the estate- removal of trees a concern
  • Too many units are proposed, the estate is currently well balanced and will become crowded.
  • Too many cars already on site and not enough spaces
  • Concern about disruption to native birds and wildlife.
  • Concern over loss of space in front of 9-31 Auckland Rise
  • Additional properties will increase noise from neighbours which is already an issue on the estate.
  • New buildings will cause obstruction of existing views
  • The development facing Auckland Road will ruin views of the church and mean there will be less light for residents. Concerned this may devalue their property.


  • Planting and open gym facility.
  • Need for a play area for older kids as they play football in the summer
  • Planting to encourage wildlife and birds.
  • Provide tennis courts
  • Sheds to be re-provided.
  • One resident stated in their survey “, I would support development over the sheds BUT only if they were replaced elsewhere. I would actively campaign against development over the sheds if they were not replaced. As someone who bought their flat, I would seek legal advice on non-replacement”
  • Currently anyone can use parking from outside as there are no permits.
  • Lockable bike sheds would be a great idea according to one resident.


Community Engagement Event – 17th August

  • 30 were unsupportive (81%), 6 were undecided (16%), and 1 was supportive (3%)
  • Massing, density, blocking views/light, too many buildings
  • Parking capacity concerns
  • Only 4% interested in car club arrangements
  • 7 people (26%) cited need for own bicycle or motorbike storage space
  • 89% cited refuse arrangements currently unsatisfactory
  • Need for greenery, communal space, play spaces for children:
  • The proposals could undermine the present green character of estate with the loss of many open spaces to play in and use
  • Support for improving footpaths, safety and lighting
  • Land slippage and subsidence risk, ground water coming up in at least 6 places on estate
Comments or questions

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Do you have any comments?
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If you are not able to attend or you would like more information, please call us on 020 8536 1436/ 0800 644 6040 (freephone) or contact us by email

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