Beyond Boundaries – Creating a brighter future for young people in Tottenham

Beyond Boundaries – Creating a brighter future for young people in Tottenham


Building on the success of a recent project to establish a base for the youth of Northumberland Park at “The Hub”, HTA Design and NewmanFrancis have come together to progress an investment and engagement platform for local people growing up through the dramatic changes anticipated for the area. We want young people to have the capacity and ambition to take advantage of the opportunities regeneration will present.

Our long term aims are to give access to education, training, work experience and employment opportunities in partnership with organisations working currently, or hoping to work, in the area. From Consultants to Contractors, Developers to Lawyers, Housing Associations to Investors there are a myriad of potential pathways for young people to come into contact with and potentially find careers which would be unimaginable if not for the regeneration planned. We are realistic about timescales and intend small, achievable, steps towards an ambitious outcome over the next five years (and more) and we have been liaising with local groups to establish the relationships necessary to sustain a long term proposition.

We have identified a programme of projects which start slowly and build “year on year” to a comprehensive strategy to deliver real opportunity for local children and young people. We are delighted to have established a key relationship with The Haringey Play Association, who are based at the terrific Adventure Playground at Somerford Grove, N17 which attracts local children.

We have already enjoyed two sketch workshops at the Adventure Playground and are planning to help build a new structure in the grounds, using this as a catalyst for further workshops ranging from “using tools” through to planning and designing and building. We aim to engage with users of the playground and local schools and build pathways for local children to access play, education, training, work experience, further education and, ultimately, employment.

We are well on our way to raising the £20,000 required to deliver the project which covers the cost of extending the opening of the Adventure Playground, the cost of the play workers and employing the Risk Agency and Adventure Playground Engineers . The building itself has been donated by Muswell Hill School where it was originally erected. The reconstruction will be supported by volunteers from HTA and NewmanFrancis.

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